The video conference room your way

Elos+ is a use to use high definition video conferencing platform. It caters for meeting rooms, auditoriums and is adaptable to any physical space.

Flexible service from small rooms to large environments

Customize your spaces with as many screens, cameras and microphones as you like.

Adaptable to any media equipment in the market

As we are compatible with all of them, you just need to choose the one that best fits your video conferencing environment. If you need any help with choosing, we are here for you.

Get all the controll in your palm easily

Monitor your video collaboration room via tablet, smartphone or web browser.

Compatibility with traditional equipment and MCUs through SIP protocol

If you have equipment like this or needs to communicate with who has, we are here for this.

A self sufficient product

Make calls between Elos+ environments with just one click, no need to create a virtual room before you start.

Compatibility Elos & Elos+

Connect to a room on the Elos platform whenever you want to communicate to someone in their personal computers or mobile devices.

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