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Frequently asked questions about Elos.

Our service is targeted for institutions and technology providers. As a teacher, you will probably need a more integrated and complete learning management system. Contact us and we will help you find one of our partners that can offer you this service already integrated with our platform.

The subscriptions on Elos use the number of unique users that access your conferences to decide how much you will be charged at the end of the month. A unique user is a person that accessed at least one conference. The same person can make multiple accesses during the month and he/she will be accounted for as only one unique user.

If you have lots of unique users per month, you might receive a discount. These are the discounts currently available:

  • Over 250 unique users: 10% discount;
  • Over 500 unique users: 20% discount;
  • Over 1000 unique users: 30% discount;
  • Over 2500 unique users: 40% discount;
  • Over 5000 unique users: 50% discount;

Users are identified by the name they use to access conferences. When you use Elos, authenticated users will join the conference always with their full name. Guest users can choose their name when they are joining the conference. For these cases, our algorithm that calculates the monthly usage will eliminate possible duplicates: "John M. Doe" and "John Doe" will be considered the same person (the same unique user), for example.

To prevent charging you for meetings and accesses made just to test the platform, our algorithm eliminates meetings shorter than 30 minutes that had only one participant and were not recorded. These meetings are discarded, will not appear in the reports and you will not be charged for them. Any meeting that is recorded, or that lasts more than 30 minutes, or that has more than one participant, will be considered, so it will appear in the reports and you will be charged for it.

Yes, there is no limit in the number of access a person can make. Users can make as many accesses as they want in as many different conferences as they want and they will be considered as a single unique user.

There is no limit in the number of users from your institution that can access conferences in a month.

However, the platform supports at most 100 participants in a single conference. You institution can have more than 100 users connected simultaneously, as long as they are distributed in different conferences.

No, you can make as many conferences as you need during a month.

Practically all content of a conference will be available in the recording. This includes all videos, the conference audio, the documents shared, the notes made on top of the documents, the screen sharing and the public chat.

Recordings will be available for 6 months from when they were created. During this period you can view them in an online player or even download them in a video format.

  • The user's computer must be at least a Dual Core with at least 2GB of RAM;
  • The user's network must have at least 1 Mbps of download bandwidth and 500 Kbps of upload bandwidth;
  • The user must use the browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, updated to their latest versions, to access the platform both in a computer or in a mobile device with Android (version 4.0 or newer);
  • In a mobile device with iOS (version 12 ou newer), the user must use the browser Safari, updated to its latest version.

Practically any camera or webcam that you can connect to your computer and that is detected by your operating system will be supported by Elos. The easiest cameras are the USB webcams, that usually have a quality that is good enough and at the same time are very easy to plug and configure in your computer.

Connectivity warnings appear when we detect conditions that may impair your experience using audio and video. Possible causes include: internet connection instability, using Wi-Fi instead of a cable connection or an overloaded computer.

In case it persists we recommend the following steps:

  • Click the three dots on the top right corner > Settings > Data savings;
  • Turn off “enable webcams”.

This will turn off webcam sharing and receiving only to you, but audio will work as usual. If you notice your internet connection is restored and want to use your webcam again you just need to turn on “Enable webcams” through the same path you did before and you will see them again.