Frequently asked questions about Elos.

Our service is targeted for institutions and technology providers. As a teacher, you will probably need a more integrated and complete learning management system. Contact us and we will help you find one of our partners that can offer you this service already integrated with our platform.

Users are identified by the name they use to join a conference. When you use Moodle, users are authenticated and will join the conference always using the same name. In other web portals, users might access the conference without authenticating first, which allows them to pick a name upon joining the conference. For these cases, we do our best to also eliminate possible duplicates (“John M. Doe” and “John Doe” are consider the same person, for example).

Yes, there is no limit in the number of access a person can make. Users can make as many accesses as they want in as many different conferences as they want and they will be considered as a single unique user.

There is no limit in the number of users from your institution that can access conferences in a month.

However, the platform supports at most 100 participants in a single conference. You institution can have more than 100 users connected simultaneously, as long as they are distributed in different conferences.

No, you can make as many conferences as you need during a month.

Practically all content of a conference will be available in the recording. This includes all videos, the conference audio, the documents shared, the notes made on top of the documents, the screen sharing and the public chat.

Recordings will be available for 6 months from when they were created. During this period you can view them in an online player or even download them in a video format.

The customization of a conference is dynamic: when a user joins a conference, this conference will be personalized for the user that is joining.

As an institution, you can customize the conference with your institution’s logo (it will appear at the top left), the background color of the top bar, and the default presentation that users will see when they join the conference. This presentation can be used for different purposes, as, for example, instruct the users or point them to links in your institution’s website.

Practically any camera or webcam that you can connect to your computer and that is detected by your operating system will be supported by Elos. The easiest cameras are the USB webcams, that usually have a quality that is good enough and at the same time are very easy to plug and configure in your computer.