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Elos is a videoconferencing tool that works entirely online and does not need any installation, you just need to have an internet connection and you can use it from anywhere in the world and from any device.


Using Elos is simple. It only requires internet access and an account, no installation needed. Access our first steps tutorial to get to know Elos and start using the main features:

In addition to the possibility of attaching presentations and sharing written notes, with the latest update to Elos new features were added, such as:

  • Conducting a survey among the participants;
  • Possibility to zoom in on the presentations;
  • Sharing YouTube videos at the meeting;
  • Creation of support rooms;
  • White board;
  • Transmission by streaming services, such as Youtube.

We have an article on the blog that explains each one better:

Yes, the platform is completely online, and you can access it on any device that has a browser. Check the technical requirements here.

Any camera or webcam that you connect to your computer and is detected by your operating system will be supported by Elos.

For convenience, many users often use webcams with a USB connection, which are of sufficient quality for transmission and which are easy to connect and configure in the system.

Technical requirements and Problems

  • It's recommended a computer with at least a Quad Core processor and at least 6GB of RAM;
  • The user's network must have at least 5 Mbps of download bandwidth and 2 Mbps of upload bandwidth;
  • The user must use the browsers Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, updated to their latest versions, to access the platform both in a computer or in a mobile device with Android (version 4.0 or newer);
  • In a mobile device with iOS (version 12 ou newer), the user must use the browser Safari, updated to its latest version.
  • It is not compatible with Internet Explorer, or other browsers other than those mentioned above.

Connectivity warnings appear when we detect conditions that may impair your experience using audio and video. Possible causes include:

  • internet connection instability,
  • using Wi-Fi instead of a cable connection or
  • an overloaded computer.

We suggest that you connect to a wired and stable network. If this is not possible or the problem persists, we recommend the following steps:

  • Click the three dots on the top right corner > Settings > Data savings;
  • Turn off "enable webcams".

This will turn off webcam sharing and receiving only to you, but audio will work as usual. If you notice your internet connection is restored and want to use your webcam again you just need to turn on “Enable webcams” through the same path you did before and you will see them again.


No. Only the owner of the videoconference room needs to have an account, the others can enter the meeting using the "guest" option.

Creating an Elos account is free, you just need to register here.


Anyone can subscribe to Elos, anywhere in the world. Elos is adapted for companies, technology providers, small schools, larger educational institutions, hospitals, clinics, among others. If you need something and did not find it, contact us and we will assist you.

Elos is postpaid and is charged for unique users who access their conferences throughout the month. Unique user is the person who made at least one access. That same person can make numerous accesses during the same month and will be counted as just a single user.

If you have lots of unique users per month, you might receive a discount. These are the discounts currently available:

  • Over 250 unique users: 10% discount;
  • Over 500 unique users: 20% discount;
  • Over 1000 unique users: 30% discount;
  • Over 2500 unique users: 40% discount;
  • Over 5000 unique users: 50% discount.

Eventually we also release promotional codes that can be used when signing up.

In the Premium plan the limit is 100 people per room, has unlimited recordings, integration with other systems (Moodle, Canvas, Wordpress, API, LTI, and others), and monthly usage reports.


There is no time limit per session in any of our plans, you can make your conferences for as long as you feel it’s necessary.

No, you can make as many conferences as you need during a month.

There is no limit on the number of users who can access the tool. The rooms have limitations according to the plan. Check here.

In the free plan, the limit is 4 people, but due to COVID-19 we increased it to 15, for indefinite time. In the Premium plan the limit is 100 people per room.


Yes, Elos allows the recording of conferences. In the free plan you are entitled to two recordings, and in the Premium plan you can record as many conferences as you want.

Participants' videos and audios, shared documents, screen sharing and public chat are recorded.

Recordings will be available for 6 months from when they were created.

While they are available, you can view them online or even download the recording in video format.


Yes, you can integrate Elos with other systems. Check the complete list here or contact us if you haven't found what you need and we'll see how we can help.

The integration has no additional costs, you just must be a Premium user.


Elos is made for companies and customization allows you to leave your portal and your conference room to your own taste. It is part of the Premium package.

For now Elos allows you to customize:

  • The presentation that is displayed at the beginning of the conference
  • Audio and video permissions
  • Whether or not to use conference chat
  • Room name
  • Videoconference link


Your name, email and login are registered in our database, but are not marketed to third parties. Your password is protected by encryption, and nobody but you knows it (unless you tell it).

Regarding subscribers, we also have your CPF / CNPJ and your / your company's address.

All of these data can be modified or deleted at any time, and are in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

We have access to your use of Elos, such as times the conference is held, who participates, duration, etc. All of this data is collected for your monthly report. We also have access to the most used features and what are the problems during the conference. For none of this data your content is accessed. All of them are collected using metrics.

The reports show the data from the conferences that took place in Elos, such as:

  • Graph of users per day, highlighting new users
  • Total accesses in the month
  • Total unique users in the month
  • Maximum simultaneous access
  • Maximum users in a conference
  • Maximum simultaneous rooms
  • Total used rooms
  • Total conferences held
  • Total conference hours
  • Maximum hours in a conference
  • Total recordings made
  • Total hours recorded

Only actual meetings are counted. Test meetings do not appear in the report.

We consider test meetings those made to see the room, they are considered so to avoid charges for meetings and accesses made just to test the tool. Our algorithm eliminates meetings that were under 30 minutes with just one participant and were not recorded. These meetings are disregarded, will not appear in reports and will not be charged. Any meeting that is recorded; that lasts more than 30 minutes; or that has more than one participant will be considered, will appear in the reports and will be charged.


Your subscription can be easily cancelled from within your user portal. You just need to access in your account the option "manage your account", then the option "plans" and click on "cancel subscription".

Your account can be easily cancelled from within your user portal. You just need to access in your account the option "manage your account", then the option "edit profile" and click on "delete account".

If you are Premium, you will need to cancel your Premium subscription before deleting your account.